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Working with employers to keep all employees financially fit.

Salarise is a joint initiative with employers.
For financially sound employment to retain and grow staff.

Employees happy.
Employers happy.
Investors happy.
Everyone happy.
Happy employees

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Who are we?

Salarise is a social fintech: together with employers, we improve the financial well-being of employees. Through innovative software, we offer your employees direct financial benefits.

With Salarise you can:

  • Provide employees with a valuable employment opportunity
  • Switch expensive debts into healthy loans
  • Start individual financial coaching & training
  • truly prevent financial worries of employees

The situation on the Dutch workplace


of employers have people in service with financial worries


of those employees are highly educated

€ 13.000

are you spending per year as an employer on an employee with money problems

7 extra

days of sick leave. Per employee, that's 20% loss of productivity and
7 extra days of sick leave

In collaboration with employers, all employees financially fit.

Salarise is a joint initiative with employers.
Together, we give concrete form to financially sound employment practices in order to retain and grow staff.

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For whom?

For employers

Your employees will gain direct financial peace of mind

  • Durable terms of employment
  • Financial benefits for your employees
  • Results in less worry, more productivity, and less sick leave
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For employees

Financially fitter in collaboration with your employer

  • Direct financial benefits trough your employer by the lowest interest rates
  • Financially fitter in collaboration with your employer
  • 100% anonymity guaranteed
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For investors

Help another and invest with a return that will satisfy you

  • Invest directly into loans through our platform
  • Your money can make a difference to our borrowers
  • Reduced risk by spreading your investment
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Fair financial solutions that really help Dutch people who work in the Netherlands

Salarise is an impact initiative of Kalo Bagijn, the founder of BinckBank and Brand New Day. From its mission to increase solidarity in the Netherlands, Coöperatie DELA supports Salarise.

With Salarise, we are 100% committed to financially healthy employees.

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Salarise is safesafe
and 100% anonymous

Salarise has a permit from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.
We follow the code of conduct by the VFN.
Our platform is ISO27001 certified, which guarantees its security.
Salarise is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal.
We are fully compliant with the AVG and offer 100% anonymity between employee and employer.
Privacy first.
All payments go through the independent Salarise Foundation. This protects investors: all collections and payments are guaranteed to continue until the last loan is repaid.


We like to think along with you!
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