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Saving & Investing

10 podcasts tips on your money matters and investing

Sigrid van Dijk

Sept. 29, 2022


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10 podcasts tips on your money matters and investing

We have compiled a list for you about your money matters and investing. Think about topics such as saving, investing and entrepreneurship. Who knows, maybe your ideal financial coach is among them!

Getting your brain to listen to exciting stories and interesting information works like a charm, science says. Podcasts, some say, are also the improved version of radio. You can listen to what you want, when and where it suits you! Did you know that there are also many podcasts that are about money? Perfect for broadening your knowledge! Think of tips on financial choices, learn how to save for a bigger buffer or understand how to take the right steps to a financially independent life.

Money Matters

You don't talk about money 

Aaf Brandt Corstius (columnist with the Volkskrant, among others) and Vincent Kouters (writer and journalist) talk about their favorite medium of exchange: money. from earning to spending and from saving to saving, Aaf and Vincent talk about every aspect of money. What money habits do you get from your parents? What is Tikkie etiquette? What is FIRE? Is everyone going into bitcoins? And do you dare to think about retirement as a freelancer? Each episode, Aaf takes steps as a beginning stock investor and Vincent reports on his mission to become a tonnair.


Good with Money 

Good with Money is a podcast for people who want to get more out of their money. Bas and Arjan talk about money matters and financial independence. As two true millennials, they do so lightheartedly, with humor and it is clear that their target audience are generational. But don't be alarmed if you are not a millennial. Fortunately, you're still welcome to listen then, and of course to get good with money too. 


The savings podcast 

In the Savings Podcast, Robin (programmer) and Rowan (author) make personal finance such as income and expenses, debt and wealth accessible to everyone by making finance more fun and understandable. Every week you can expect a new podcast packed with tips and inspiration. 

Podcasts | TheSpaarpodcast.co.uk

Money or your life

Money or Your Life is a podcast in which presenter Hans van der Steeg questions how we spend our money. But also what we make our money from and what effect these flows of money have on our fellow man and the planet. 

Money or your life | NPO Radio 1

Money and Happiness podcast

Want to stop shuffling money out of your savings account and actually build something nice for the future, without having to give up all the finer things in life for it now? Then listen to the Money & Happiness podcast. Carolien Vos (financial coach) gives you practical tips as triggers to take a critical look at your own financial behavior. 

Money & happiness podcast Carolien Vos Budgetbuddy  


Young investing, the podcast 

Learning to invest safely and responsibly with novice investors, Pim and Milou. What returns do they achieve as novice investors and more importantly, what risks do they take to achieve them? A new episode every Thursday at 16:00, with an expert guest every now and then. 


Investing with Rowan Nijboer 

With his 18 years of experience in investing, Rowan Nijboer (investor) has useful tips & tricks for you. In his podcast, he teaches listeners with a healthy dose of humor how to beat the stock market as a private investor. 


The Money Friends podcast 

The Money Friends make money matters insightful and honest. They update you on how investing works, why you should invest in the stock market and why not. But also about other things to invest your time and money in in a smart way to make your money work for you. That's how to make your money your friend.

The Money Friends podcast | All episodes - Listen online - RadioviaInternet.NL  

The money and stones

Financing real estate is not always easy, and it is difficult for investors to make returns. But it can be done. In this podcast, Tom Jessen talks to entrepreneurs, real estate investors and investors about how they finance real estate.


The new money 

The money system is under high stress. Is it future-proof? And what is the role of crypto-currencies in the future? In this podcast, Reinjan Prakke explores the future of our monetary system.

The New Money | BNR News Radio

As you can see, there are all different podcasts about your money matters and investing. So immerse yourself in the world of money while you're biking or waiting for the train. Just remember; always keep thinking for yourself and take a good look at what suits you.

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