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6 tips against money worries

Jan Uyttewaal

Oct. 6, 2022


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6 tips against money worries

Nowadays, everyone is concerned with staying physically and mentally fit and healthy. Stress can have a lot of impact on your body, thoughts, feelings and behavior. Recently, RTL wrote that more and more people are going to the family doctor because of their financial problems. We too know how important it is to get rid of those money worries. That is why we have come up with six tips to reduce your money worries.

6 tips against money worries

1. Talk to someone about your money worries

Often it seems that you are alone with your finances, fortunately you never have to solve money worries alone. Air your heart out once to a friend or associate and you will find how nice that is. Maybe there are even friends who can help you with certain things. This is of course very scary, especially since there is still a taboo on talking about money matters. If this still feels like too big a step, there are other anonymous agencies you can turn to. 

For example, through your own municipality, you can use a free budget coach. They will help you find a suitable solution and help you with your finances. Don't forget, too, that through Salarise you have access to a range of benefits. Such as access to affordable loans repaid through salary and better insights into your money matters.

2. Make one financial decision at a time 

We know that sometimes it can be quite intense to solve everything at once. One way to deal with this is to tackle one thing at a time.

First, it is helpful to take a look at your debts. You can use a debt relief buddy to help you with these debts; this often sounds scarier than it is. Every month you may be spending way too much money on these fixed expenses. If you have high expenses and want to see if you can save, it might be helpful to calculate this at Salarise. There you can combine your loans into one healthy loan.

3. Take steps to create a budget

One of the most efficient things you can do to reduce your money worries is to make a financial cashbook. This cashbook can be about weekly, monthly or annual expenses and income, depending on what you like. It helps you understand your long-term and short-term plans. Think of it as a fitness plan: it's not about dieting, it's about getting healthy, staying healthy and being ready for the life you want!

4. Look at your financial goals

To reduce financial stress, it can be helpful to set a specific goal! What exactly do you want to achieve? Setting specific goals, such as an amount or a specific length of time, makes it easier to see your progress and achieve it. For example, instead of "save more money," your goal could be "build an emergency fund of 1,000 euros before the end of the year." 

5. Stay flexible

Remember, nothing is set in stone. you can reduce your financial stress by staying flexible. You are and always will be in charge of your own finances! It is always a good idea to pay off debt and gain insight. You can always adjust your goal along the way, revise your budget and make adjustments to reduce expenses or spend money on something else.

6. Call your creditor and ask what is possible

We end the blog with the scariest tip and you're probably asking yourself right now, "Calling someone who gets money from me?! I always try to avoid those very people. Those guys at Salarise have gone completely crazy.". While we can indeed be quite crazy sometimes, this is not a crazy idea at all. In fact, many companies and agencies are quite often open to seeing what is possible.

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