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(Budget) tips

Saving in your household is how you do it!

Jan Uyttewaal

Feb. 13, 2023


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Saving in your household is how you do it!

You can only spend your money once. Of course you prefer to spend it on fun things like going out, vacations, clothes or a good book. Or maybe you are saving for a new car or a trip around the world. And you also have to eat. Fortunately, you don't have to choose. At least, not completely. In fact, there are many easy tips to save on the household and your daily life.

Why save money in the household?

Quite simply, because you prefer to spend your money on other things. Or because everything has become very expensive lately and you need to save money. The good news is that this can be done relatively easily, without sacrificing much in the way of convenience or good living.

Tips to save money in your household

1. Do limited shopping

Don't go to the store every day. That way you won't be tempted to make extra purchases either. Try to go once a week and make a shopping list. More importantly, stick to the list and skip the checkout purchases. Choose house brands instead of A brands. This saves a lot of money and often the products come from the same factory too.

2. Choose your stores smartly

Check the advertising flyers - you can also do this online - and see where the best places to shop this week are. Budget supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl are often cheaper. But if you opt for private brands and offers, you can also save a lot of money in "regular" supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Jumbo. At the end of the day, you can also score good bargains at the market.

3. Score bargains

Products that do not have a long shelf life can still be used just fine. Every supermarket has discounted products that are nearing expiration dates. On websites such as Foodello or Unwasted, you can order cheap products that are going out of stock, or that are near their sell-by date. In the app Too Good To Go, you can score packages from local bakeries, butchers or supermarkets with short shelf-life foods. The contents of each package are a surprise, like getting a Christmas package!

4. Cook economically

Making your own sauces and soups is not at all difficult and healthier and cheaper than ready-made bags or packets. Cooking larger portions is also cheaper than making a single meal all the time. Freeze the leftovers or start a dinner club with friends or neighbors. Fun too! Just keep the cost of wine under control, which can be a challenge.

5. Cook plant-based
Plant-based food is cheaper than fish or meat every day. Experiment with mushrooms, chickpeas or lentils as a source of protein. Tasty and cheaper. Seasonal vegetables are also cheaper than vegetables that have to be flown in. So cook according to the seasons.

6. Grow your own vegetables

Do you have a garden? Plant a vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables. Do you only have a balcony? Then you can grow your own herbs, as well as vegetables that don't take up much space like tomatoes.

7. Bike or walk

Shopping, taking children to school or to the gym? You can often do that just fine by bike or walking. Even if you live close to work, biking is a better option than driving. This not only saves money on gasoline costs, but is also good for your health.

8. Save on energy costs

Turn down the heating a few degrees and put on a thick sweater or snuggle up together under a blanket on the couch. Use energy-efficient light bulbs and turn off electronic devices when not in use. Laundry also dries just fine on a rack instead of in the dryer. Keeps your clothes looking better, too.

9. Go treasure hunting

Try buying clothing, furniture and household items from secondhand stores or flea markets. This saves money and is also a great way to find unique items.

10. Set a budget

A budget helps you control your spending and prevents you from spending money on things you don't really need. Could you use some help creating a budget plan? Read more here

11. Save water

Set a shower timer and stick to it. In 5 minutes you can really get clean too. Water-saving faucets also save a lot. Collect rainwater in a rain barrel, then you can use this water to water the plants.

12. Check your subscriptions

Is that Donald Duck really still being read? And do the kids still watch Disney +? Not? Then stop the subscriptions. And yes, also take a critical look at that gym subscription. Are you an active member or more of a sponsor?

13. Do budget cleaning

Very handy those disposable wet cleaning wipes, but really not necessary. Microfiber cloths work just as well and you can wash them over and over again. Cheap and environmentally friendly. For the floor or windows, use cleaning vinegar or baking soda; a cheap and good alternative.   

14. Go out cheaply

Dining out, going to an amusement park, show or concert? There are plenty of great deals on vacation auctions, Groupon or Social Deal for prices much lower than if you buy the tickets normally.

15. Make money from your clutter

Those pants you haven't fit in a long time, those toys no longer played with, those books from that aborted study? Put them on Marketplace or Vinted and get money for them. That way you can get rid of your junk and have an extra penny in the process.

Whether it's groceries, cooking, buying clothes or going out, you can save money relatively easily in every area. It's a matter of creative thinking and sometimes a little searching, but then your life will be just as enjoyable, for less money. How much do you have left over at the end of the month?

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