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Personal story: 'I was living like I had millions in the bank'

Jan Uyttewaal

Oct. 6, 2022


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Personal story: 'I was living like I had millions in the bank'

Anyone can get into debt. Getting out of it yourself can be incredibly difficult. In this blog, you will get more insight into the situation of people in debt and how they got out of it. And you will learn that there are plenty of people and agencies that can help you get out of debt. Read here the story of Wasan Al Mansour who got into debt. But luckily got out of it.

Shop till you drop

Being in the red, having credit card debt or paying something in arrears, they are all different forms of debt. Many people have some form of such debt, but don't see it that way. This also happened to Wasan Al Mansour, who lived like a queen with her credit card. Until everything was blocked and she was stuck up to her neck in debt. Fortunately, Wasan was able to work it all out and by now understands that money is never free.

It all started when she turned 18 and started studying. She got healthcare allowance, started taking maximum additional loans from DUO, took a credit card and bought new clothes with Afterpay. Wasan did not work, because she thought she had enough money at that time anyway. This went wonderfully for six months, until the deepest bottom of her bank account was reached.

Achievable goals

Fortunately, Wasan was able to find help through her municipality's social neighborhood team. She came into contact with Marjolein Lakeman, a volunteer who works in the social neighborhood team of the municipality of Hollandse Kroon. Marjolein helped her see how she could regain control of her money matters and together they set attainable goals.

Wasan has since got her finances back in order and is living with her boyfriend's parents. She has also been hired to come work at the North District Water Board and now has a chance to own her own home. Wasan realizes more and more that it is because she was never raised financially by her parents. At her friend's family, she learns that you have to ask for the receipt, so it is easier to keep track of your expenses afterwards.

Financial literacy

Wasan's story is not an isolated one, of course. There are very many people who have been taught nothing about money from home. Even in high school you are not taught how to apply for health care benefits, for example, even though this is extremely useful. When you turn eighteen, it is simply assumed that you have this knowledge and can use it immediately. In fact, it is not at all surprising that many people get into trouble.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways to get out of trouble again. There are many agencies that can help you, if something isn't going right. There are also more and more places on the Internet where you can brush up on your financial knowledge. In our library we will also increasingly help you with financial tips & tricks, articles and facts. This way you can become an ace with your financial knowledge and learn to save without even realizing it. 

You can read Wasan's entire story here. There you will also find other stories of people who successfully got out of debt.

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