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World trip? Here's what to look out for

Lonneke de Kroon



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World trip? Here's what to look out for

Do you want to take a trip around the world someday? Then this might be a good time to start the "financial" preparation. Taking a world trip is, of course, fantastic. Not for nothing that so many people dream of it. But there are a few things you have to take into account. Of course your passport, possible visas and vaccinations, but also in the field of finance. We give you some useful tips to watch out for.

General expenses

The overall cost of a world trip is different for everyone. It just depends on where you are going and what all you are going to do. Do you want to surf, do you want to party or are you going to work somewhere on location? Are you going to backpack and sleep in hostels or are you looking for a little more luxury? And will you go to Australia or New Zealand or does Asia or South America appeal more to you? All choices that affect your overall costs. In Asia, you live for about €33 a day. If you go to North America, New Zealand or Australia, it will soon be about € 65 per day. South America and Africa are in the middle with about € 45 per day. For six months of travel, you'll spend an average of about €10,000. For a one-year trip around the world, the average cost is around €15,000 to €25,000.

Exchange rate

Exchange rates can change quickly, but they have a big impact on the price of your world trip. Whether the local currency is low or high makes quite a difference in your daily budget. So keep a close eye on the exchange rate of your destination. Also make use of apps that calculate the current exchange rate. (For example Currency+ or XE Currency). That way you don't have to do all the math yourself and still know exactly what each cocktail or each Banh mi will cost you. Also keep an eye on where you exchange your money. Some exchange offices charge very unfavorable rates. Oh yeah, and don't pin small amounts too often, because you will pay money for each transaction. Finally, it's smart to always carry cash with you, too. ATMs are not easy to find everywhere. And of course, we don't need to tell you that you shouldn't go to an ATM at night in a slum in Mexico.

Upfront costs

You start incurring expenses before you even get away. You need gear, of course, such as a backpack or camping gear. But the various visas, vaccinations and malaria tablets also cost money. And then a big part of your budget: your airfare. With a world ticket or around the world ticket, you buy a series of flights from one airline. There are standard world tickets, but you can also put together your own world ticket for the destinations you want to go to. A standard world ticket is often cheaper than booking individual flights or composing your own world ticket. The price of a world ticket is between € 1500 and € 2500 and a world ticket is usually valid for one year.

Costs going forward

You will soon be on a trip around the world, away from everything and nothing on your mind. But there are costs that continue to be incurred at home. Think about your rent or mortgage, fixed costs such as gas, water and electricity, insurance, subscriptions and any storage of your belongings. Your health insurance, travel insurance and telephone subscription will also continue. Of course, you can skip some of these fixed costs. If you know you're going away for a year, it's best to cancel streaming services like Netflix or Videoland, or your TV or Internet subscription. The same goes for newspapers and magazines. Don't forget the gym and other clubs or associations, either. Do you live in a room? Then arrange a sublet. You can also sublet your own house. But ask your mortgage lender or landlord in advance whether this is allowed. Do you have a car? Your fixed costs such as road tax and insurance will continue. So selling the car might be a better idea. 

But most of all: Enjoy!

Before you go on your world trip, you need to make some arrangements. Make an overview of all the costs you will incur, before and during your trip, on the road and at home. Plan and budget according to the continent you are going to and keep an eye on the exchange rate. World ticket prices can also vary quite a bit, depending on where you are going. So it is worthwhile to do some searching on the Internet. But hey, anticipation is already a big part of the fun, right? Want to make your world trip even more attainable? Then read our five tips for cheap shopping. We wish you a fantastic trip around the world!

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