Investing with attractive returns.

Your investment is spread across a portfolio of different loans. That gives you more security.

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Investing in loans at Salarise

Saving isn't what it used to be. You earn very little interest on your savings at the bank these days. Grow your capital. Invest in loans at Salarise.

Depending on the loan in your portfolio, you can earn a return of up to 4.5%.

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An investment is automatically dispersed.

Your investment is divided among several loans. The loans you invest in differ in amount, interest rate and term. This means optimal risk distribution.

Creditworthy borrowers.

We make loans only to employees of our partner employers. Before we make a loan, we perform a number of checks to make sure it is responsible. We follow the guidelines of the AFM. And always do a BKR check.

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Employee with a low interest rate

How does investing at Salarise work?

  1. Register
    ‍Clickthe Sign Up button at the top of this page. And create an investor account.
  2. Decide how much you want to invest
    You can invest an amount from €1,000 to €80,000 with us. Of course, you determine the amount of your investment. Are you a business investor? Please contact us for a personal conversation.
  3. Choose to reinvest or pay out monthly
    You can choose to reinvest or pay out monthly. If you choose reinvestment, your investment continues to grow. If you choose monthly payouts, you will receive a monthly amount in principal plus interest.
  4. Track your investment
    ‍Inyour investor dashboard you can see how your investment is doing: check the spread, current returns and invest extra (from €100).
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How does investing at Salarise work?

1. Portfolio

The amount you invest with Salarise is spread over several loans with terms ranging from 6 to 120 months. This is your loan portfolio.

2. Spreading risk

Only employees of our partner employers are eligible for loans. Before we provide that loan, we do a number of checks. Only creditworthy applicants get loans from us. The loans you invest in vary in amount, interest rate and term. This is how we ensure risk diversification.

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3. Reinvest or monthly payout

The term of your investment depends on the loans in your portfolio. If you choose monthly disbursement, you will receive a monthly amount in principal plus interest. If you choose reinvestment, we grow your investment.

4. Return

Depending on the loans in your portfolio, returns of up to 4.5% can be achieved.

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Investing with Salarise is safe

Salarise is licensed by the AFM.
All our payments are made through the independent third-party funds foundation Salarise. This way we ensure that no money from investors or borrowers is ever in our bank account. This protects our investors: all collections and payments from your portfolio are guaranteed to continue until the last loan is repaid.

Personal contact
there something not clear or you don't understand something? We are always ready to answer your questions. During office hours, you can call us at 020 - 24 45 395. You can always email us. Send your question to Then we'll sort it out together.

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