Our dream is for everyone in the Netherlands to be financially healthy.

Dreaming saver
Happy employee with family

Our vision

We provide financial wellness products and services honestly and humanely. Products and services that only have people's best interests at heart. In this way, we make and keep all of the Netherlands financially healthy.

What we believe in:

Social impact

We believe that step by step we are making our society a little better.

Personal attention

We believe that anything you give attention to grows. That's why we give everyone the attention they need.

Together we are stronger

We believe that by working together we achieve more.
Because to do everything ourselves is to add up.
Working together is to multiply.

Clear language

We believe that finance doesn't have to be difficult at all. Because when you can explain something in plain language, only then do you really understand it.

Since 2020, we have been making employees financially healthy.

In May 2020, we launched our peer-2-peer lending platform. That way, employees of affiliated partner employers get access to the healthiest loans. And individuals can get a nice return on their investments. In other words, a win-win situation.


New solutions

Gradually, we also wanted to give employees access to other financial solutions. Not just the fish, but also the fishing rod. So we expanded our offerings to include money knowledge, workshops and financial coaching.

Innovative technologies

Continuous innovation

We have the dream of making all of the Netherlands financially healthy. That's why we never sit still and are always looking for ways to improve. The changes we're going through are rapid, but we always do it carefully.

Curious about what we're doing?
Take a look at our LinkedIN and stay up to date on our innovations.

Saving workers

We stand for

  • Financial health is as important as physical and mental health
  • Working with employers to get the best out of their employees.
  • Allowing individuals to invest directly in loan.and of employees who really need it
  • Breaking the taboo surrounding money matters.

Social Collecting

Motivation and drive

We assume that everyone wants to repay his or her loan neatly. But unfortunately, of course, it can happen that a borrower misses a payment. In that case:

  • Do we send an email with a payment reminder containing a payment link.
  • If the missed payment is not made we will contact you to find out the reason.
  • If it turns out that circumstances prevent the borrower from making the missed payment, we will first see if a payment plan is a solution
  • If contact is unsuccessful or if a payment arrangement is not met, we initiate a legal collection process.
    In this we cooperate with non-profit collection agency Faircasso. These costs are paid in full by us. This prevents the borrower from getting into further trouble.

Collection processes often involve high fees. Fines pile up and interest on interest is the revenue model.
We do not participate in this.
We do not make a profit on overdue payments.

Motivation and drive

Who we are.
This is reflected in our core values:

Respectful: we are honest, empathetic and take you seriously.
‍Customer-focused: we always put you first.
‍Clear: we make it easy.
‍Driven: we do better today than we did yesterday.
: we help you move forward.
‍Unique: we do things just a little bit differently.