General terms and conditions Salarise


  • These general terms and conditions (the "General Terms and Conditions") apply to the use by borrowers and investors (as defined in Article 1.2 below and together referred to as the "Users") of the financing platform offered via the website, its app or other digital distribution channels (the "Platform").
  • The Platform brings together individuals seeking a loan (the "Borrowers") and parties wishing to invest in these loans (the "Investors").
  • The operator of the Platform is Salarise B.V., established in Amsterdam, located at Van Diemenstraat 200, 1013 CP , registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 76059421 ("Salarise").
  • Salarise is registered in the public register of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets under number 12047530 and has a licence to offer consumer credit as referred to in Section 2:60 of the Financial Supervision Act. Salarise does not operate as a bank and is not supervised by the Dutch Central Bank.
  • Information regarding the processing of personal data by Salarise is contained in the privacy policy which can be viewed on the website (the "Privacy Policy").

Using the Platform

  • Before using the Platform, each User must agree to these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, thereby creating a contract between the User and Salarise (the "Contract").
  • Users are obliged to keep their Platform login details strictly confidential. Each User shall inform Salarise immediately at if a third party has come into possession of the User's login details or has otherwise gained access to the User's account.
  • Users should ensure that all information provided to Salarise is factually correct, complete and applicable. In addition, each User is obliged to immediately communicate information changes to Salarise.
  • Email is the primary means of communication for Salarise. It is the responsibility of each User to maintain an active private email address and to ensure that this email address is registered with the Platform. Salarise recommends checking the personal page and the registered email address regularly for any communications from Salarise.


Salarise offers loans with the following characteristics: 

a) principal amount of EUR 1,000 to EUR 25,000; 

b) duration from 6 months to 10 years; 

(c) fixed interest; and

(d) monthly payments according to an annuity repayment schedule.

  • To be eligible for a loan, Borrowers must meet at least the following conditions: 

(a) natural person resident in the Netherlands; 

(b) age at the start of the loan between 18 and 65; 

c) Dutch bank account in the name of the Borrower with a licensed bank in the European Union;

(d) fixed monthly income from a permanent employment relationship with an Employer based in the Netherlands or, in the case of a fixed term employment contract, a term as referred to under 3.1.b shorter than the term of the relevant fixed term employment contract with a minimum of 6 months; and a maximum of 10 years.

Submit an application
  • A Borrower can apply for a loan by completing the application form on the website.
  • Before the draft pre-contractual information for the requested credit agreement is sent, the application is assessed (partly automatically). For this assessment services of third parties can be used, including the Bureau Krediet Registratie and other information suppliers.
  • Salarise reports this agreement to the Stichting Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR) in Tiel. BKR processes these data in the Central Credit Information System (CKI) for the purpose of preventing and limiting credit and payment risks for the affiliated institutions and preventing and limiting excessive crediting of those involved (borrowers), as well as for the purpose of contributing to the prevention of problematic debt situations. Within the framework of the aforementioned objective, these data are made available by BKR to the affiliated institutions in factual and statistically processed form. In addition to the notification of the agreement, Salarise has also assumed the obligation to report to BKR any arrears in the fulfilment of payment obligations under this agreement of more than 2 months. This may have consequences for any subsequent application for financing.
  • If the application is approved, the Borrower will receive an offer for the loan, consisting of a loan agreement (the "Loan Agreement"), the accompanying European Standard Information for Consumer Credit, an indicative repayment table and these General Terms and Conditions.
  • An offer is free of charge and without obligation, so a Borrower is always free to decline the offer.
Accepting an offer
  • A Borrower accepts the offer by agreeing to the Loan Agreement and issuing an authorisation for the direct debit of the instalments to the Borrower's bank account, after the salary has been paid to the Borrower by his or her Employer who has a partnership with Salarise. If there is a partner, the partner must also agree to the Loan Agreement.
  • After a Borrower has accepted the offer, the Loan Agreement is conditionally concluded. These conditions are the successful completion of the approval process by the Platform and the availability of sufficient funds at the Platform to finance the Loan.
  • For the purposes of the approval process, the Borrower will be asked to provide information and consent so that this information can be obtained from the Employer.
  • Once the conditions have been fulfilled, the Platform will notify the Borrower accordingly.
  • The Loan Agreement may be cancelled by the Borrower, free of charge and without giving reasons, within 14 calendar days of the Loan Agreement coming into effect.

Payment of instalments
  • During the term of the Loan Agreement, Salarise shall be responsible for the administration and performance of the Loan Agreement.
  • Due installment amounts will be automatically debited from Employee's bank account, after salary is paid to Borrower, and, after deduction of service charges, passed on to Investors.
  • When a direct debit as referred to in Clause 3.20 fails or an instalment is reversed, the Borrower will receive a payment reminder. If the instalment is not received within the period specified therein, the Borrower will owe default interest on the overdue amount.
  • When a Borrower is three or more months in arrears, the collection of the loan may be transferred to a specialised collection agency.
The approval process
  • Based on the information and supporting documents provided by the Borrower, Salarise will carry out a number of checks to verify the identity and creditworthiness of the Borrower. During these verifications, services of third parties may be used.
  • The information obtained during the approval process may lead to adjustments of the interest rate, the principal amount and/or the duration of the loan.
  • The information obtained during the approval process may also lead to the cancellation of the Loan Agreement by Salarise.
Disbursement of loan amount
  • If the approval process is successfully completed and if sufficient funds are available, the loan amount will be made available to the Borrower, unless Article 3.17 applies.
  • If the purpose of the loan is to repay existing loan(s) of the Borrower, the principal amount will initially be used by Salarise to repay the existing loan(s) of the Borrower and any remaining amount will then be made available to the Borrower.
  • Once the loan amount has been made available, the claims can be offered for sale by the Platform to Investors on an anonymous basis
No advice
  • Salarise does not provide advice and does not test whether Borrowers have experience with personal loans. Borrowers should themselves assess the suitability of a personal loan and preferably seek advice before applying for a loan.
Additional repayments
  • The Borrower will always be permitted to redeem part or all of the loan at no extra cost.


Salarise offers investments in personal loans. An investment has the following characteristics:

  • minimum investment of EUR 1,000 and - in case the Investor is a natural person - a maximum total outstanding investment at any time of EUR 80,000;
  • Spread of each investment over a portfolio of loans;
  • automatic reinvestment of monthly payments of interest and principal; and
  • if the Investor explicitly so chooses, a mix of higher and lower risk loans.

To be able to invest, Investors must at least meet the following conditions:

  • natural person residing in the Netherlands or a legal entity established in the Netherlands;
  • minimum age of 18 years in the case of a natural person; and
  • Dutch bank account registered in the name of the Investor.
Investor account
  • Investors wishing to invest in loans must register through the Platform's website by creating an Investor Account.
  • Investments can be made from a Dutch bank account via the investor's personal page, whether or not automatically, based on available investment opportunities.
  • After the Investor has paid the investment amount to Salarise, Salarise shall assign claims under Loan Agreements to the Investor.
  • Received payments of interest and redemption are automatically reinvested.
  • Investments can be cancelled free of charge within 48 hours of receipt of the investment amount by Salarise.
Terminate investment
  • The outstanding investment(s) can be terminated in two ways. By activating monthly payouts (instead of reinvestment) or by requesting Salarise to return all or part of the Receivables.
  • When monthly payout is activated, payments received for interest and redemption are not automatically reinvested, but paid monthly into the Investor's bank account.
  • When monthly payouts are activated, the investment is not further spread.
  • Investors may request the return of part or all of the Investor's Claim.
  • If Salarise agrees to the (re)delivery, the Investor shall owe (in addition to the purchase price) a fee of 1% on the amount to be withdrawn. The amount of Claims that can be (re)delivered in the interim is at least EUR 1000. Salarise will process all requests once a month and inform the relevant Investors accordingly.
Payments and service costs
  • During the term of the Investment Agreement, Salarise is responsible for the administration and performance of the Loan and Investment Agreements.
  • The installment amounts owed by Borrowers will be automatically debited to Employee's bank account after salary is paid to Borrower . After deduction of costs, instalments will be passed on to Investors. The applicable costs are specified in the Investment Agreement.
No advice
  • Salarise does not provide advice to Investors in relation to investing through the Platform. Investors should themselves assess the suitability of an investment and preferably contact an advisor before investing through the Platform.
  • The Investor, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, declares that he or she has sufficient knowledge of investing in personal loans and is aware of, and has a sufficient understanding of, the risks and consequences associated with investing in personal loans through the Platform, including the risk that an investment may be lost in part or even in full.
The investment agreement
  • During registration and after completing the required steps to become a customer, Salarise provides a conditional investment agreement (the "Investment Agreement").
  • The Investment Agreement will be finalised when the application for it has been approved by Salarise.
  • In order to limit the risk of loss for Investors, investments are continuously spread over a portfolio of loans that are not in default.
  • If Salarise offers higher risk classes, an Investor may choose to invest in loans with a higher risk class in addition to loans from the standard risk class. The Investor must indicate this explicitly via the Platform.
  • An Investor can view the current spread of his or her investment(s) at any time through the personal account page.
Investor test and additional information
  • In the event that an Investor is a natural person and the total outstanding investments of an Investor due to the investment request exceed EUR 1,000, the Platform shall conduct an Investor Test with the Investor.
  • The purpose of this Investor Test is to test the suitability of the Investor to purchase Claims through the Platform.
  • If the investor's total outstanding investments become more than EUR 5,000, EUR 10,000, EUR 20,000 or EUR 40,000 as a result of the investment application, the investor shall take the investor test partly again.
  • If an investor wishes to invest more than EUR 10,000 in total, the investor shall provide additional information on his or her identity.
  • Based on the information provided by an Investor, Salarise carries out a number of checks. During these checks, the Investor and/or third parties may be contacted for additional information.
  • The information obtained during the approval process may lead to the cancellation of the Investment Agreement by Salarise.
  • Buying Receivables through the Platform involves certain risks, including the risk that a Borrower may not be able to meet his or her payment obligations. As investments through the Platform are not covered by any guarantee scheme, Investors may lose part of an investment or in theory even the entire investment.


  • The services of Salarise consist of, and are limited to, the services described in these General Terms and Conditions. Each User is solely responsible for his or her activities on the Platform and should weigh the risks for each decision.
  • The availability of the Platform depends, inter alia, on the User's equipment. In order to access and use the Platform, Users must have appropriate technical facilities.
  • Although Salarise will endeavour to keep the Platform available at all times, Salarise has no obligation to do so. If the Platform requires maintenance, if technical measures are necessary to maintain or improve the functioning of the Platform, or if the Platform is exposed to events beyond Salarise's control, Salarise shall be entitled to suspend the availability of the Platform in part or in full.


  • The information on the Platform is for information purposes only. Salarise does not provide advice and carries out checks in respect of Borrowers on the basis of established criteria. No conclusions can be drawn from this verification as to the accuracy of the information obtained and provided.
  • In order to identify and assess Users, Salarise works with third parties. Although Salarise selects these third parties with care, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information these third parties provide to it.
  • Salarise shall in no way be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by a User, except in the case of intent or wilful recklessness by Salarise.


  • A complaint can be sent by e-mail to or by letter to:

Salarise B.V.
Van Diemenstraat 200
1013 CP Amsterdam

The Platform is affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid). If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily by the Platform, the Borrower may submit a complaint via Complaints may also be submitted via the European ODR Platform. A complaint may also be submitted to the competent court


  • Salarise is entitled to amend and/or supplement the Agreement, including these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, without requiring the consent, approval or cooperation of Users, and without Salarise being liable for any damages, compensation or other remedy.

Applicable law and forum

  • This Agreement is governed by Dutch law.
  • All disputes arising from or in connection with these General Terms and Conditions shall be submitted for exclusive settlement to the competent court in Amsterdam.


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