Together we will get your employees financially fit!

Financial peace of mind means happier and more motivated employees. Help your employees get a grasp on their finances and offer direct support.

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Financially fit employee

The situation on the Dutch workplace


of employers have people in service with financial worries


of those employees are highly educated

€ 13.000

are you spending per year as an employer on an employee with money problems

7 extra

per employee, that's 20% loss of productivity and
7 extra sick days

How do we address this?

Everyone faces financial challenges from time to time. But every challenge is different, of course. That's why we offer your employees three different solutions. So there is a suitable solution for every employee.

Financial aid

We help your employees with their overpriced loans and debts. They can refinance their expensive loans and debts with us or take out a new loan. Our loans have the best terms and lowest interest rates. This is how we prevent your employees from taking out bad loans.

Employee with a low interest rate
Coach and employee

Instant financial insight for employees

Give your employees a grip on their money by providing education through workshops and financial coaching. In addition, train managers in recognising signals and conducting interviews.

Preventing problematic debts

Through financial coaching from our partners, we prevent your employees from getting into debt. This way, your employees keep their financial reins in their hands.

Wondering how we can help your staff?

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Stressing about debts

How does it work?

  1. Tell your employees about Salarise
    We will do this together. With our communication plan, you will be relieved of the workload.
  2. Employees sign up
    Interested employees sign up with us. As an employer, you are not a guarantor and we are completely anonymous.
  3. Solutions Salarise
    We have a suitable solution for every employee. Therefore, employees can choose what they need.
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Communicating workers

A suitable solution for every employee

Favourable working conditions
Healthy employee

Financially healthy employees, who have overpriced loans

  • Direct financial benefit thanks to the employer

Early detection and prevention
Workers with concerns

Employees with (incipient) financial concerns

  • Direct financial benefits thanks to the employer
  • Education through workshops and financial coaching

Do you recognize the signs that point towards financial worries?

There are a couple of clear signs that point toward financial worries among your employees. Examples of these signs are wage garnishment, requests for more working hours, or an advance payment. Are you also able to detect the following signs?

Deviant behavior

Employees with money worries behave differently than before: they do not respond to emails, appear chaotic, are suddenly absent, or do not keep appointments.

Stress sensitivity

Employees are suddenly more stressed; they have a short fuse. Colleagues notice this.

Less productive

Employees with financial worries cannot concentrate at work: they experience their worries every minute of the day.


An employee with financial problems reports sick an additional 7 days on average.

Employee with stress
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