Everything for your employees' financial health in one place.

Financial health is just as important as mental and physical health. When given adequate attention, you improve the health of your employees.

Get your employees in control of their money matters.

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Financial health in the workplace


of employees expect employer help with financial problems.

wiser in Geldzaken

1 in 6

The pressure of debt leads to absenteeism in 1 in 6 employees.



of employers do not know what financial problems are affecting employees.



on average, an employee in debt costs an employer €13,000*
(*7 additional days of absenteeism and 20% loss of productivity).

Together with you, we are going to do something about this.

Salarise is a financial platform that helps employees with their financial challenges. We have a suitable solution for every employee.
This is how you give your employees insight and control over their money matters.

Personal assistance

Through our platform, your employees can get help from a certified budget coach or financial advisor.

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Coach and employee

Money Knowledge

All employees will have access to useful information about money matters. They can read articles in the Grip op Geldbieb.

We also offer workshops for both managers and employees.

Direct financial assistance

Employees in need of immediate financial help can over- or take out a loan with us, on the best terms.

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Our collaboration

  1. Launch
    To introduce your employees to our different solution, we provide you with a complete package of personalized communication materials.
  2. Activation
    Your personal Customer Success Manager will work with you to make sure your employees get and stay excited. We will provide interim communication materials to inform your employees of our capabilities.‍
  3. Insight
    Get insight into the needs of your employees through periodic reports. This data gives you valuable information about the financial health of your employees.
    Always 100% anonymous.
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Personal attention and 100% anonymous

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Personal attention

  • All employees can contact us with their questions.
    They can call us during office hours or email us.
    Together we will look for a suitable solution.

Workers with concerns

100% anonymous

  • Many employees find it difficult to turn to their employer for help .
  • Therefore, all help on our platform is 100% anonymous.

Why partner with Salarise?

Financial health is just as important as mental and physical health. When given adequate attention, you improve the health of your employees.


Research shows that financial stress causes about 16% of total absenteeism. With our solution, you can easily reduce this.


Retain your valuable employees so you don't have to find new talent.

Secondary benefits

Stand out as a company with progressive terms of employment.


Get insight into the financial health of your employees.

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